Nursing case study

**Instructions: structure your assignment so that it meets the following requirements. You may use headings.

1. Introduction: Approximately (250 words). Serves as a “map” of the essay/case study, outlining to the reader the key points contained in the body of the work.

2. Overview of pathophysiology (approx. 350 words, start a new paragraph), Provide a description of the pathophysiology relateds. This should include an explanation of the functional changes Mr Murray is experiencing following his left sided ischemic stroke.

3. Nursing care and rationale (approx. 1650 words, start a new paragraph). Provide a description of the nursing care and discharge requirements for Mr Murray, focusing upon Roper, Logan and Tierney’s activities of daily living of maintaining a safe environment, mobilising and communication. You must also provide a rationale for the nursing care you describe. Your rationales must be based on evidence from the academic literature and relate to the registered nurses scope of practice.

Your description of Mr Murray’s nursing care and discharge requirements should include:

– A description of the primary and secondary information you would require to plan Mr Murray’s care.

– Identification of any assessments you would need to undertake.

– A description of the nursing interventions that would be required.

– An outline of how Mr Murray’s nursing care would be evaluated.

– Identification of how you would accommodate Mr Murray’s personal preferences into his nursing care.

4. Conclusion (approx. 250 words, start a new paragraph. Summarise the key points expressed in the body of work as well as the key learning from your research.


Describe appropriate health science that underpin nursing practice.

Consider culture/age/gender/religion.

Description of pathophysiology and linkage to symtoms: goes beyond a definition and demonstrates knowledge of functional changes related to the diagnosis and symtoms.