Each question has 4 answers what I need from you is pic up the right answer and write the rational why is right and support it with references and talk about other choose answer why they are not correct and support it with references. This requirement for both two questions. I will upload you the questions. I will be happy if you can pic up the answers from some nursing books not less than 5 years ago.
Mrs Grace 64 years old, is admitted with congestive cardiac failure. It is planned that Frusemide( Lasix ) and Digoxin will be prescribed for her treatment:

1- On night, Mrs Grace awakens extremely breathing and coughing up pink mucoid sputum, which position should the nurse place her immediately:

A- Upright, with her feet lowered.
B- Semi- recumbent, with her feet elevated
C- Upright, leaning over the bed- table.
D- Recumbent, without any pillows.
2- The doctor arrived and prescribed Frusmide( Lasix ) 20mg IV statin, This drug promotes diuresis by:

A- Inhibiting the action of aldosterone.
B- Increasing renal execration of sodium
C- Influencing the action of antidiuretic hormone
D- Blocking the reabsorption of sodium and water