House Bill 1746, the Nurse Violence Prevention Act


Select a current issue of interest in nursing practice or health care that is important to the delivery of health care. Review the literature on this topic/issue (professional as well as lay literature should be reviewed). Write a letter to a legislative official summarizing the literature (both pro and cons), taking a position on the issue. Present your argument in an articulate, concise manner. The expectation is that the letter could be sent to the legislative official.

The letter should include the following:

A clear, succinct explanation of the issue, including what you want the legislator to do about it.

Discussion of the important or critical points of the issue.
Why is this issue of concern?
What aspects of the issue are being analyzed? Why are these aspects important? (ex: if issue is obesity, identify the main focus of the letter—more education on good nutrition, the perils of obesity, childhood obesity)
Support statements with citations from the literature.

Conclusions about the issue and support for conclusions
Support conclusions with examples and evidence from the literature (at minimum, two relevant references less than five years old should be cited).
Discuss implications for professional nursing practice.
Identify to the legislative person why this issue needs to be addressed.
Discuss implications on a professional and/or personal level.Use APA format for typing and citations in text (see 6th ed. APA manual).
A separate reference page in APA format should be submitted.
Use proper grammar, spelling, and sentence structure.