As part of your assignment submit a lesson plan for a distance learning program for nursing or health care education. This program may be for academic study, continuing education, staff development, or patient education.

In this discussion, you will get a head start on that assignment by preparing the lesson plan and submitting it for the peer review of your fellow learners. Use the information about instructional text presented in Chapter 9 of Mastrian, McGonigle, Mahan, and Bixler’s textbook to prepare your lesson plan.

Introduce your lesson plan for the distance learning program by including the following information:

Subject matter.

Intended audience.

Number and length of sessions.

Method of delivery (software and technology).

In the lesson plan itself incorporate teaching strategies and practices designed for a diverse population and be sure to include:

Learning objectives.

Advance organizer.

Topic introduction.

Outline of content.

Descriptions of learning activities.

Assessment plan for measuring learner success.

Use titles and headings to divide major sections of the lesson plan and organize the material. Your lesson plan should be for a session between 5 minutes and 60 minutes in length. If your distance learning program is more extensive, develop a lesson plan only for a portion of the program. Use APA cited resources to support your points.

Write your lesson plan as a Word or PowerPoint document and attach it to your initial post to this discussion so other learners may view it.