Benefits and barriers of using Clinical Decision Support immunization reminders and some solutions to overcome these barriers

Nature of the paper:
The final paper is to be a review. The review should be a narrative review. The review should include the five (5) main articles attached to this order. In addition to the main articles, other journal articles (of any type) and professional online resources may be cited for purposes of supporting justification, logic, and conclusions.
Papers will end up being at least 1,500 words but may not go over 2,500 words. This total does not include references/bibliography.

Required Items:
• Introduction/Summary
• Justification for doing the review
o Recommended: Search for and utilize in this section articles outside of your 5 main articles – Professional online resources; other reviews, journal editorials, etc.
• Review methodology (meta/narrative, queries used, databases searched, inclusion criteria for studies): in your case, it is a narrative review.
• Results from the review (include graph and/or table figures if quantitative analysis was performed)
• Conclusions/Discussion; Limitations
• References/Bibliography
o Please use either sequential (numerical; IEEE or Vancouver) or American Psychological Association (APA) citation formats for both inline citations and your bibliographies.
o As your paper gets larger, using EndNote or Zotero might be helpful. Auto-generated bibliographies from these sources ARE acceptable.

Overall Rubric:
• Correct use of English spelling, grammar, and syntax
• Appropriateness of the 5 core articles for the review
• Correct treatment of data and logic from the 5 core articles
• Overall logic and flow of the written text
• Utilization of the “required items” above –OR — another typical review format from the journal of your choice (please state the journal in your final paper’s references section).
• Legibility
o Neatness of layout
o Legibility of figures & text
o Students should choose a journal in their field and follow its general format in terms of visual layout. Some journals even have DOC/X templates for articles, students ARE allowed to use these for their final paper. Please make sure to cite the journal whose visual formatting you are using!
• Appropriate length (1,500-2,500 words for paper; 100-300 words for abstract)
• Quality and format of bibliography and inline citations, including citation to journal whose format you are using.