Liver Cancer


Identify a cancer to report of your choosing. You might have checked the Cancer Register Query System and found this to be one of the leading causes of cancer in the U.S.You can use these sites or other ones:

You have identified the issues common to this type of cancer and the epidemiology associated with its occurrence. Follow the criteria, submitting what you have learned about epidemiology and statistics in connection with your chosen cancer.

Utilize appropriate APA Format, grammar, and spelling – submit with and appropriate Title Page.
This assignment is due according to the calendar.

The following is the grading guideline – for your use to write your paper.

I. CONTENT – (60 points)

A. Describe the Cancer chosen and why – also, identify ethical issues that may be involved with this type of cancer and reporting.

B. Define the Measures of Disease Frequency for your chosen cancer – which may be one or more of the following: incidence rates and mortality rates, prevalence and cumulative incidence that identify this type of cancer. If needed, include age adusted rates. (Chapters 4 – 4

C. Decide upon a design strategy (Descriptive studies or Analytical studies) that you have found in the research literature to assess the distribution and determinants of this cancer in the population. (Chapter 7 & 8, Rossingnol, 2007 – Fig.7.1, p. 143)

D. Analysis – describe how you would analyze the data for your design strategy chosen; give at lease one assessment for accuracy with your analysis (Chapter 12, Rossingnol, 2007 – which can be either precision or validity issues.)

II. Reflection – (15 points)

A. Describe how you felt researching this information and how you would report your findings to a particular board or committee.


A. Content is clearly stated and well organized to the above requirements.
B. Grammar and spelling are correct.
C. Submitted by due date

IV. Written in APA Format (10 points)

A. References (last page) are in correct APA style and format
B. Citations within the body of the paper are correct to APA style
C. Paper length – No more than 5 pages (Title page and Reference page are not included in this 5 page restriction).
D. Double spaced with each page numbered – According to APA guidelines.




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