The influence of Visual posts in Social Media Platforms on Purchase Intention

Please follow the steps strictly :

First :
i will upload 6 files ( might upload more in the future ):

1-NEW ( TOH ): will have my topic, objective and hypothesis( which is the base of this report !!!!!!!)

2- Report structure: is the report Structure that is provided by my teacher that you should follow

3-ReqandGreade: will have the Criteria what should be written in each section, the 50 page distribution should be ( 1 page summary/abstract, around 6 pages of introduction, around 10 pages of literature review, around 15 pages of methodology , around 8 pages of analysis and findings , around 10 pages of conclusions/recommendations) .

4-Questionnaire sample: the survey that i made so u can have an idea about my way of thinking .

5-Questionnaire: the raw data that iv collected ( ignore nationality section so far until further notice ) .

6-Questionnaire respondents results with Graphs:just some basic graphs that i have generated from that raw data that will help you to support my hypothesis ( ignore nationality section so far until further notice ) .

1-In literature review talk about the human physiology and how we react to visuals more and it simulate our brain more than text by providing data to support you hypothesis and you can use it later in findings and conclusions.

2- i need my first inclusive draft on December 13th 2015.

3- my final report is due the end of January 2016.

4-my survey was conducted online (web based ) .

5- make more findings from the raw data that i have uploaded .

6-read the Questionnaire carefully so u can understand and know what is my research is about for example am focusing on the top 3 social media platforms( Facebook ,Instagram, twitter ) .

7-for the number of references you can use more than 36 if you want to as long it is relevant to the report.