Social Pressure and Social Media

compose a persuasive (argument) essay. The essay should be argumentative (making a claim), rather than purely informative. Be sure to include appropriate evidence, examples, data, or other support for your assertion, and to refute opposing viewpoints or to anticipate and answer possible objections to your position. Remember, however, that these are not research essays.
As always, your essays at least three to four (3-4) pages (750 to 1000 words) and correctly formatted, and should be grammatically correct, free of errors in mechanics, grammar, usage, spelling, and documentation. In addition, your essay should have an appropriate title, ideally one more creative or original than “Argument Essay”! And underline your thesis!

Above is a direction for an essay. I decided to choose the topic of social pressure and social media. More specifically how social media contributes already problematic issues of womens self image. Falce sence of perfectionism. How certain people filter images and it is misleading for young gorls. How instagram and thumblr started this craze called “thigh gap” somethings that never existed before. How harmful social media can be. I would love to work with the writer on certain points