Occupational Therapy Video Reflection



For this assignment choose one practice area, and review at least 3 videos that provide you an opportunity to see how an occupational therapist practices with clients in that area of practice. A list of Youtube videos is provided at the end of this course outline. You will see that some videos provide an overview of practice in a particular area and then provide videos of client interventions within the video.

For each video, your typed summary should include the following:
1. The title and link to each video that you observed
2. A brief description of the practice area and the type of settings which is depicted /described in the video.
3. A brief description of the client (s) and their diagnosis,
4. What did you observed the occupational therapist do in the video or what did the OT describe doing. In some videos, a client may describe what the OT did.

1. How do you understand the OT intervention goals for the client (s)? (Refer to WEEK 1 handouts – OT Interventions / Intervention Approaches. State the Interventions and Intervention Approaches and why you chose them).
2. How do you understand the OT’s interaction or relationship with the client? How does the OT motivate a client(s)?
3. How do you understand a client or clients’ response to OT intervention?
4. How does what you observe relate to or contrast with your readings?

Describe what you learned about this practice area from the videos and your readings about this area of practice. In particular, describe:
a. Key concepts of occupational therapy practice that were discussed in class or described in your readings that you saw in action.
b. Facets of OT practice that you weren’t aware of before this assignment and reflection
c. Particular ideas or OT interventions that you found interesting and about which you want to learn more.
d. Anything that you observed or read that remains unclear to you and would like to discuss further in class.
GRADING CRITERIA: Assignments 1 will count for 35% of your total grade for the course
1. Objective description of the setting, population, event.
2. Subjective reflection/processing of what you observed.
3. Discussion of the similarities/differences between observations and literature descriptions in the particular practice settings. Include a minimum of 2-3 references. APA guidelines.
4. Written presentation:
a) clarity
b) organization
c) analytical skills
d) concise summary
e) grammar/spelling
f) etc.
5. 3-5 pages in length.
6. Lack of inclusion of references/reference page will impact your grade.
*** – Include your name on each page of your paper.