Media Representation of foreign culture

Analyze the way Arabs, muslims, Middle Eastern and North Africans are portrayed in the movie American Sniper.
 Include at least one reference from a scholarly publication to substantiate your analysis or as part of your introduction and/or conclusion of the paper. Use the APA reference style.
 Use appropriate subheadings—e.g. Introduction, Methodology, Findings, Discussion, and Conclusion—to organize your paper.
 Include at least three visuals (e.g. a picture, a drawing, a diagram, a table, a map, and so on) at appropriate places in your paper. If you use a visual in the body of the essay, make sure that you mention and explain/talk about it first before including it in the body of the paper. Reference it as “see Figure 1,” for instance. Likewise, if you use a visual at the end of the essay (as an Appendix), make sure that you mention and explain/talk about it first. Reference it as “see Appendix A,” for instance. Label the visual as a Figure (for a picture, a drawing, and so on, i.e. as Figure 1, Figure 2, and so on) or as a Table (for a Table, i.e. as Table 1, Table 2, and so on). The Figures, Tables, and Appendixes must be properly and completely labeled.
 Write at least 1 page of introduction and 1 page of conclusion.
 Use a 12 point New Times Roman font. Double-space the paper and use 1” margins on all sides of the paper. Do not justify the right margin. Insert page numbers. Include the title of your paper, the course number and section, the assignment name, your names, your professor’s name, and the semester on the cover page.