Media Analyze -Topic should be made by writer

Instruction for Assignment

Objectives for assignment:
1 To identify a current (last 12 months) media example that describes a situation in which addictions/addictive processes played a central role in the story.
2 To consider from an analytical stance, the role that media plays in the advancement of stereotypes and mythology of addiction.
Part One – Selecting and Reviewing Media Example

Decide on which media sample you will use. The media sample you choose can be of any length – although it is helpful to choose an article that is longer, so that you have more material to work with. It may be an article from a local newspaper or established news magazine, or a general news story from an online news source. This must be Canadian in content and preferably, although not necessarily, local to your area. It cannot be taken from an un-monitored online discussion forum or a source that is not open to the general public. Please stay with established news sources.

In the media analysis, you are being asked to analyze a media example by examining the perspective underlying the media sample paying particular attention to how this perspective influences how addictions/addictive processes are portrayed to readers/watchers/listeners.

Your analysis should be no longer than 1000 words and include:

1) a summary of the media sample and the full citation;
2) your own critical analysis of the content (this could be based on any theory or practice models/frameworks and include an exploration of any assumptions, bias, etc.);
3) a reflection on the implications for social work concerning the article’s message,possible impact on societal views and capacity to either reinforcing or shifting these views.