Advertising and Print Media

In response to the ideas proposed by Frank Luntz in his article< “Be All That You Can Be: The Company Persona and Language Alignment”(353), write an essay evaluating the advertising techniques of several popular brands in the marketplace today.
Select several ads and evaluate how they succeed, or fail, in creating the language alignment necessary to connect with consumers.
Cite them correctly
Use Luntz’ article as a reference point and a source, integrating his claims with your own.
Be sure to correctly cite all paraphrasing/summary/quoting both in the body of the paper (in-text), and a correctly formatted MLA Works Cited List. Here is a link to a web page about citing media sources.

Either essay should have the following basic components:
A title that informs the reader and provides a hint of what to expect in the paper
An introduction that informs and engages the reader, providing any necessary background contextualization leading up to the thesis
A thesis statement that provides the MAIN IDEA of the paper so the reader knows what to expect
Body paragraphs with clear topic sentences and development of ideas that are in logical order
A conclusion that wraps up the ideas for the reader, revisiting the thesis without repeating it
Correct in-text citations for ALL media (ads included) and a correct Works Cited List.