Thesis & Outline for sales promotion

On my previous order, the writer chose 3 topics and wrote three open-ended questions for each topic. I want the write to go back and look my previous order because it will be much easier for the writer to finish this assignment. In this assignment, I would like to request that writer to pick Sales promotion which is the topic #2 on my previous order. The writer did select and write a one paragraph about the question “Why are businesses involved in sales promotion?”. Recall topic #2 and the question from the quote what I mentioned above and now you need to create thesis and outline about that topic #2. You must choose a scholarly article regarding some form of sales promotion. Be sure to pick an article that you think you can analyze well and a topic that interests you. You should not be arguing for/against the article, but instead analyzing HOW the article is written. Your outline should include an introduction, summary of article, and conclusion. Firstly, in your introduction you could include explaining general idea of consumer culture/specific slant/explaining the article you chose from your perspective. You also need to mention the name of the article in your introduction so that the reader know what’s article you are using and can easily find that article online.You need to write your own thesis statement at the end of your introduction. One paragraph is enough for introduction. Secondly, you need to summary the article and then analyze the text. Your summary of the article should be enough to make it clear to anyone who has not read the article, but it should not be more than a summary of the main points of the article. It is NOT, I repeat, NOT the most important part of your paper.One paragraph should be enough. Also, you need to pick three main points of your argument. No completed sentences necessary for those 3 main points of your argument.You also need to describe and give answer what is author’s stance? Think yourself is it positive or negative? You agree or disagree and give reasons. Lastly, you can write a conclusion which covers all the things you mention above. It doesn’t have to be long paragraph. Please let me know if you have any questions. Please follow all of my instructions. Thank you. PS. there will be another order coming up relating to this outline that’s why I would like to use the same writer for my up coming order too.