The role of Direct Marketing in managing customer relationships

Title: The role of Direct Marketing in managing customer relationships.

( The essay should be 5,000 words and will cover the following area )

Essay Criteria:
 Key papers read and used
 Essay refers to uses at least the key recommended academics papers/texts.
 Evidence of broader, relevant reading
 Essay refers to uses at least 8 related academic papers & at least 40qty or above article referencing
 Discussion demonstrates understanding
 The Key arguments are identified clearly and used as the basic for discussion
 Unsupported assertion / opinion is avoided
 Key ideas clearly identified
 Ideas are separated out and clearly labeled and defined
 The paper evaluates ideas
 Ideas are weighed up dispassionately against evidence and in term of their impact on practice and theory
 The paper is reflective ( critical )
 The student considers her/his own social and cultural position as a source of bias.
 The paper provides examples of good practice
 Uses a number of practical examples to support the theoretical arguments
 The paper is professionally presented
 Title, author, Harvard referencing system.
 Clear layout, neatly presented. Also mechanically soundness. (Grammar, spelling ect)