The Marketing Ideology of Rolex Company

The Marketing Ideology of Rolex Company
Study Books Used in Class:
Marketing Management (14th Edition) by Philip Kotler and Kevin Keller

Blythe, J., 2009. Principles and Practice of Marketing. Cengage Learning EMEA
Description: I have attached an assignment instructions in order for you to better understand an idea. There will be a need of examples and diagrams to support the assignment. Please put the logo of “rolex” watches company in each paper, cause I chose a Rolex company as a main example. I need 2 models and approaches to be described according to Rolex. I need a short explanation about the operational and strategic use of the models; the qualitative and quantitative components in the model. When comparing the two models, Iplease higlight the diffirences and similarities between two models. Consider, choose from these (sostac, apic, mostac) I think that sostac is for sure. The professor gave us some tips and said: ‘think that what did Johnson and Sholes, Wilson and Gilligan, Paul Fifield, Drummond and Ensor say?” Also, if they are not as successful in some of the spheres of the model, it will be possible to compare them with other companies which do well in these. There is a strong need of 3 conclusions and what ‘I think’ will happen next. Furthermore, I need a Reading List, which I didn’t metione or sitate in my work, but I read some books.

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