Service Marketing


Paper instructions:
The assignment (which is long over due) is on Service Marketing; one of the modules in my EMBA program.
I run a Training company. We specialize in placing Senior Management Staff from various organizations in Africa, in Executive Education programs (short courses in Leadership, Strategy, Innovation, Management, Negotiation etc) in top Ivy schools in Europe and America.
Take Home Individual Assignment: 50%
a. Select one concept, model or framework from the course and provide a clear description of its implications (potential benefits & problems) for your organization. (10%)
b. Describe in detail the challenges you are likely to face in implementing the concept, model or framework in your organization. (15%)
c. How you would overcome such challenges? (25%)

Kindly advice what concept you will use for this assignment and as well as your fees.
If you would like a PDF of the class slides to see the concepts taught, I can email it over once we agree on a writer/fees.

I also have overdue assignments in Leading Startegic Innovation and Managerial Finance so I am eager to see how this goes so I can get help with these.
Work MUST be plagirism free please.
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