This module is assessed by a 3000-word coursework (100% of the module grade).

Assignment – Individual Report brief and marking criteria

Taking a role of marketing director, write a report evaluating the localisation of marketing communication strategy and tactic across two geographical markets. You will be given an existing company (individually) and you will need to conduct secondary research into both the company�s original communications and how it was adapted for a chosen foreign market. You must critically evaluate how appropriate the localised communication is and conclude with future recommendations.
The assignment should be submitted in visually-interesting report format of 3,000 words (excluding references and appendices).

The work will be marked holistically using the following marking criteria, which also provide an outline of required content:

1. Analysis of environmental, consumer, socio-cultural and competitive forces in an international setting;
2. Accurate evaluation of company positioning vis-�-vis competitors in home and host market
3. Identification of appropriate secondary sources of information and relevant statistics
4. Critical evaluation of localised brand communications
5. Recognition of ethical implications and social responsibility in the context of international marketing
6. Succinct and relevant recommendations
7. Clear and concise presentation of findings, interpretation and insight