Healthcare Marketing

Healthcare Marketing
Submit a final project during Module Eight.

The submission should include:
  subject: Biotech
· Executive Summary
· Part One: Organizational Profile
· Part Two: Marketing Plan-pick a specific country/North America long term strategy
· Part Three: Operational and Financial Plan
· References

Review of the opportunity supported by facts including customer surveys, thoughts of employees, payors, providers and stakeholders

· Description of your offering supported by a SWOT analysis

· Description the fit of the offering with the vision and mission of the organization

· Definition of the target of your market strategy

· Description of the advantages of your product or service including marketing, cost and revenue opportunities

· Definition of your market position and your reasons for the selection of that position (i.e. Leader, Challenger, Follower)

· Identification of any regulatory issues or challenges you may face with your product of service

· Description of your marketing mix strategy inclusive of market segmentation, distribution channels, and economies of scale and customer retention

· Justification of your product mix, product line, and product life cycle

· Exploration and evaluation of your branding strategies

· Description and assessment of your pricing strategy based on demand, product line and competition

· Discussion of your plan B for alternative pricing and positioning strategies that you may face

· Measurement of your promotional mix for your advertising

· Proposal of your comprehensive media plan based on your market

· Review of your advertising objectives

· Design of your push strategies for the target market

· Preparation of your sales performance audit strategy along with the audit strategy for your marketing plan

· Design of your customer satisfaction survey