Discuss the claim that the press in the twenthieth century became a medium for advertising, whereas the press was ‘free’ in the nineteenth century.

You are expected to engage with relevant literature and case study examples in your answer and to use Harvard referencing. Your essay must include references and an alphabeticalized bibliography.

My ideas for the essay:
-Maybe start the essay with a little introduction about the history of advertisement and how it developed
-Many newspapers cannot ‘survive’ without advertising
-The Times changed it’s format and became more of a tabloid newspaper, many advertisers did not appreciate that and took back their adverts (didn’t want to advertise anymore for the Times)
-Advertisers control the press
-Newspapers have to use adverts they might not even want to use (need the money), might have to do false advertising
-In the 19th century newspapers had to sell their newspapers with the ‘quality of the articles’, didn’t have the support of advertising companies or popular brands (no sponsoring, no false advertising= free press)
-19th century= stamp duty
Some books about advertising (as an idea) (Global advertising, Publisher: Datamonitor, Shocking history of advertising by Jan Tschichold) Also articles and websites related to that topic can be used, does really not matter what.