Design in Marketing

The assessment for this module is based on a four-part portfolio

Write a 500 word report based on your understanding of ‘Design in Marketing’ give specific examples of where design can be found and used in Marketing. You will be expected to evidence that you have read around this subject in terms of referencing the sources of data, which you have used. (25%)
Design audit: carryout an in-depth audit into Pizza Express. Consider all the different types of design that have been discussed in class and how and where they are used in the case studies marketing efforts. Produce a written critique evidencing all of the areas where you see design applied to Pizza Express’s marketing activity. Include in this document photographs, printouts etc., to illustrate where you’ve found design in marketing used by this brand.(25%)
Annotate a piece of design in marketing – this could be an advert, photograph of a product, website or some other marketing material from a holiday company of your choice – critique from a design perspective and offer any recommendations on how this might be improved as well as whether or not it is working well. (25%)
You Design. Redesign a popular brands logo of your choice (use a different brand from any already used in this assessment) – based on what you have learnt throughout this module. The expectation is that you will evidence a range of ideas that you have had and rejected, in order to develop your design, as well as a finished design. Include ‘mock-ups’ in terms of how you anticipate the logo being used in stationary and other marketing materials. Briefly describe the design decisions you have made from a marketing perspective. (25%)