Cultural and creative industry marketing

Cultural and creative industry marketing

a) A brief overview of the organisation eg when formed; business objectives; current marketing and customers.
b) An analysis of the organisation using appropriate tools
c) State clear marketing objectives derived from analysis & knowledge of the organisation
d) You may have more than 1 marketing objective. You need to decide if you want to focus on 1 and have depth or look at several.
? As a result of d) you may want to inform reader where you are going to focus the plan.

? demonstrate both applied knowledge and understanding of Cultural and creative marketing BUT also academic rigour.
? Provide rationale for your P choices with academic sources; models; quotes ETC
? You must address ALL 7 P’s in the plan, I would expect ½ – 1 page minimum for each BUT this is not prescriptive
? HOWEVER NOTE This is not a marketing communications plan (communications ie the promotional P is only ONE element of the plan!) You will fail if this is your focus!!!

Budgets, Scheduling & Implementation 10%
? Budgets –
? Remember some organisations may have miniscule budgets available.
? Resources can include not only available money but people and other assets such as buildings.
? Use the Internet and follow up the case studies for costing data.
? For each of your P. recommendations what are the costs involved
? Scheduling-
? When scheduling think about the timescales involved,
? What activities are dependent on others;
? Illustrate any key dates; events
? what do you have to plan for pre during and post event?
? A table or excel is a good way of showing this BUT will needs some words to explain certain points you think are important.
? Implementation –
? How will you manage the plan? Who will manage the process? Will this be internal / external.
? How will you measure the success of the plan?


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