An Marketing Plan for the implementation of the marketing strategy of H- P company in UK

Introduction:Presenting key trends relating to the topic of the assignment.
Situation Analysis:Demonstrating and evidencing understanding of
macro‐, micro‐ and internal environments.
Marketing Strategy and Objectives:Explaining use of information and knowledge in order to set and achieve the stated objectives.
Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning:Clarifying and supporting marketing intentions including a suitable value proposition.
Marketing Programs:Providing a rationale for the implementation of specific marketing activities in relation to the full marketing mix (7 Ps)
Control and Evaluation:Implementing a series of appropriate measurements (metrics) at relevant points within the plan.
Conclusions:Providing a coherent set of statements to synthesise key learning outcomes.
Background Research:Referencing regarding relevant empirical evidence and theoretical frameworks in the required Harvard guidelines.
Language and Style:Producing a clear Marketing Plan in report style while linking the various sections through.