500 word narrative of your experience in observing ADV352 Media Sellers & Buyers Panel combined into one report.
Must incorporate your thoughts on a minimum of FIVE of the questions asked and include specific comments from the Oct 27 class session. Questions will be posted on D2L previous to class.
Proper grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure is EXPECTED.
Do not list out the questions by number and then type your answers.
Format: 500 words (+/- 50), typed and double-spaced using 12 point font.
You must be present at Oct 27 class session to receive full credit on assignment.
Your document must include a two-line header; line one should state:
“Media Sellers & Buyers Panel Experience Report, ADV 352 – FS2015”
Line two should include your name and APID number.
Briefly describe your career track. What do you enjoy most about your job/career?

What are the core competencies/greatest attributes required of today’s media executives?

What are your performance expectations of a media sales executive? Hard skills vs. soft skills?

What is the greatest challenge in selling or buying media today?

What is the greatest opportunity in selling or buying media today?

(For Buyers) What process do you follow in evaluating media as a part of your marketing strategies? Do you utilize different media for different products/services?

(For Buyers) Describe how you evaluate effectiveness of media in making your buying decisions. How do you evaluate effectiveness of media utilized in post-campaign evaluations?

What are the three questions to be certain to get answered in a client needs analysis?

Describe a media program you had great success with, directly or with a client. Conversely, describe a program that did not produce the desired results.

No sale is completed solely by one person; what does support staff look like in your operation?

What can a typical day like for you?

Do you have a favorite book you would recommend we read?

What are your favorite websites or industry sites?

In your opinion, what’s the “Next Big Thing”?

What advice would you have for college graduates interested in pursuing a career in media sales or media planning? With no experience, what will it take from graduates to get a job interview/job opportunity?
note for speaker talk about those question:
Linda Frederickson- Lansing Lugnuts Assistant General Manager
• Started in accounting and hated it
• Shopping center management
• Helped start and launch Lansing Lugnuts and Common Ground Music Festival
• Lansing Lugnuts currently
Dana Kromer- Fox 47 Sales Manager
• Degree in broadcast management
• Fox47 for 22 years
Robin Dempsey- Territory Sales Manager
• Master’s in business admin
• for 3 years
What do sales people need to have?
• Buyer (LF) = you have to know your product, and have to have passion and drive for what you are presenting. Know how to research and know your perspective client. Passion=#1
• Manager (RD) = Results are important. Strategy and sales skills. 5 steps sales process. Communication and collaboration.
• (DK) Disciplined, all work is done on your schedule, motivation. No 5 minutes is the same during the day—don’t sit at a desk all day, always talking to different people. Using same concepts—but applying it to different clients. Communication, solving problems, and challenges.
Performance expectations:
• (RD)- Hard vs. soft skills. Measure of key performance indicators, CRM sales force system, logging information, “If it’s not in sales force, it didn’t happen”. Soft= MVP behavior, professional adult behavior, teamwork, collaboration, time management
• (LF)- Technology savvy, detailed orientated, keeping up with key trends in sales. Soft= person who will help build a relationship and will not only sell them something. Want to buy from someone she trusts.
Greatest Challenge and greatest opportunity
• (DK) challenge= fragmentation (how much time people are spending on their devices, DVR, not watching TV in real time. Trying to find people (college student age), gaining attention of the younger generation
• (RD) challenge- businesses only used to have a couple options, and now there are numerous more options because of digital. Must partner and educate businesses on new technology and trends. Opportunity= challenge is an opportunity, because these new technologies are easier to track and know impacts on an audience. Find a whole different kind of client with technological.
• (LF) challenge= staying ahead of the curve. They have forced to play catch up. As consumers, we are getting information instantly and how to buyers stay on top of that and deliver? No landlines, people are not using cable. They must now how to reach new markets in an ever-changing market landscape. Opportunities= technology
How do you evaluate effectiveness of media?
• (LF)- look at the mediums that were used. Every medium is going to deliver. Depends on who it is going to reach and what will have the best return. All media sellers have an audience and will give an audience, but you must choose based on results. Trying to reach 3rd generation lugnut fans with $75,000 annual budget (small budget for this area). Digital outdoor last season=gave option to choose and change the message every day on the billboard, but wasn’t always correct (dollar Tuesday advertised on wedensday). Ticket sales are what they want in return for advertisement. Heavy in social media.
• (DK)- difficult to go to client and tell them you messed up, but truth creates better relationships. Honesty is the best in a salesperson.
• (RD)- people get in trouble for overpromising and under delivering
What should people keep up on?
• (high on trends, first to pick out pinterest, blog chat features, virtual conference annually)
• Emarketer with street fight, newspaper association of America, book= the challenger sales
• (LF) Be creative. Everything is all online now. It will get you noticed. It is who you know, (reference good people). Customize you resume
• (RD)- Leverage your resources
• (DK)- follow-through 1-3 business days, place a phone call. Persistence.
• Google yourself