adertising and media

The purpose of this assignment is to assess your ability to apply theory and models to advertising activities and evaluate the effectiveness of the advertising activities.

Analyse an advertising campaign for any product or services. This can be based on an existing or previous campaign. Detail the rationale for the campaign strategy and critically evaluate why the campaign will be effective by reference to advertising theory.
Structure and areas of importance:
Introduction – information relating to the firm and industry/market
Campaign strategy – rationale
Evaluation of the campaign – application of advertising concepts & framework
Assessment criteria
Referencing and structure 10%
Campaign strategy 20%
Evaluation of the campaign or advertisement 50%
Recommendations/conclusion 20%
Total 100
Sources: Academic textbooks/journal articles for the theory. Datamonitor, Mintel and Euromonitor produce useful reports for company and industry data.
Word count: 2000 words + or – 10% excluding appendices.