Test Review

The task: Test Review

You will have to review a language test or alternative language assessment task (for example, portfolio) that is currently used in your teaching context or is relevant to your future teaching or professional context. This could be a listening, speaking or writing test, but should not be a traditional reading test.

This assignment requires you to describe and critically evaluate the particular language assessment you have selected. You should apply the framework of  qualities of test usefulness- construct validity, reliability, authenticity, interactiveness, impact and practicality- in your review.
Report format
The report should include:
 Title page
 Report, organized into the following sections:
o Test/alternative assessment task purpose, brief description including relevant information on implementation and use of the results
o Strengths and weaknesses, with subsections for each of the six qualities of test usefulness
o Summary, with recommendations for use of this test/alternative assessment task
 References
 Appendix, including
o A copy of all documents related to the language test/alternative assessment activity you are reviewing, including the assessment instrument, marking criteria and specifications (if available)

Assessment criteria: important
 Demonstrated understanding of relevant second language (L2) assessment concepts
 Demonstrated wide, relevant, recent and credible reading on L2 assessment
 Application of key L2 assessment concepts to the review of a specific L2 test/alternative assessment task
 Clarity and credibility of the test review, including organization and adherence to referencing conventions

Word count: The stipulated report length is 2750 words. Your assignment must include a word count at the end of the body of the report. This word count does not include the reference list or documents.