Language and Power Assessment 2


Firstly, Please read the subject outline very well.
Then write an essay within 3000 words for This assignment.(Assessment task 2 )

Secondly: Writing should follow the second option in assessment Tasks in subject outline: which is (Option 2: Discuss the issues in Module 2 to do with critical and educational responses to language and power. The assignment should answer questions such as:
How might we as educators, parents, workers, develop responses to the issues of language and power discussed in the first module?
Why does the notion of critical always need to be related to questions of power? How are pedagogical responses such as critical literacy, critical pedagogy, critical multiculturalism and so on related to questions of language and power?
What are the advantages and difficulties of critical approaches to education? It will, of course, be useful to orient this essay towards contexts of practice with which you are familiar. Be careful, however, not to just describe practice: This essay needs to discuss critical education in the context of language and power. Reading outside the subject readings is expected).

Thirdly: References should be at least six from the list of readings (The attached readings) Related readings only.
Also, use three readings from outside the attached readings to substantiate your analysis.
Fourthly: Must take into account the achievement of all the points in Assessment criteria.

Finally: Please find in the attached files:

1- subject outline.
2- Preparation Option 2 (PowerPoint file) from Dr.
3- Readings
4-Assessment criteria.