Leadership Journey


You should also include your thoughts, feelings, reactions, insights or other observations that you believe are relevant to allow for further understanding of how you are integrating what you are learning in this course within your professional, personal and/or civic life.

Your Leadership and Change Management Journey…Next Steps into your future as a leader
•What have you learned about change management that you did not know before you took this course?.
•What skills do you possess that will enable you to successfully lead change?.
•What other skills do you believe you need to further develop in order to successfully lead change?.
•How have your perceptions and beliefs about leadership evolved since taking this course as it relates to change management?.
•What were some of your major takeaways for you in this course about leadership development and change management? (A minimum of three takeaways is required, though more is encouraged!).
•In terms of my own leadership behaviors moving forward into the future, as a leader, ◦I will stop……
◦I will start….
◦I will continue to…..
Think about this as developing your personal leadership and change management plan for the future.
The journal should be a minimum of three pages, should be in APA format, including scholarly citations and references.