leadership for public and community services

2.A 2000 word written individual assignment which will be awarded a grade 1-20 (see below for details) and weighted as 80% towards the individual’s overall grade. The assignment for this module assesses the application of leadership theory and modules for the potential application to your own practice. This will involve you in undertaking a particular review of the different tools introduced during the module in order to examine and analyse the different leadership styles and processes and secondly; to reflect on your own potential to develop, consolidate or improve your leadership style.

The assignment therefore has three components:
a) The selection and application of one or more of the tools referred to in the module and an active review how the tool/s can be used to review, examine and assess your own personal leadership style and your effectiveness as leader.
b) Building on this analysis, write a reflective commentary on what leadership models and theories have to offer your own potential to be a leader and to work more effectively with others. You should explicitly discuss how the tool/s you have used can influence or have influenced your own professional practice.
c) Identify and discuss a couple of recommendations from 1) & 2) above which could be made to in order improve the experiences of those you work with or have worked with. It would be worth identifying who else would be involved in the recommendations made and how you could evaluate their effectiveness by involving others.

Please note that there will be a specific session on assignment preparation during the module where you will be encouraged to develop and support your ideas more fully and you will be given further written guidance at this stage.

Occasionally there may be a situation where students are not able to participate in the group presentation. Student should provide evidence as to a valid reason for this in line with assessment regulations so that alternative arrangements are made for them to provide evidence at a later date to meet the learning outcomes for the outstanding 20% of their overall grade.

There is no automatic deferral permitted on this module. You should consult your programme handbook for the requirements for assessment and for details of what to do if you are having problems which may prevent you from submitting your assessment.