Leadership Dysfunction



The terrain of leadership is hazardous. It is filled with opportunities for mistakes, misjudgments, and failures. How do some leaders effectively manage these risks and keep their organizations on the right track? Avoiding these hazards requires leaders to apply all the concepts covered in the course to maximize their success. This week, you will analyze traits and behaviors that might contribute to leadership dysfunction. Then you will evaluate strategies that might be used to avert leadership dysfunction and ensure success.

� Analyze traits and behaviors that contribute to leadership dysfunction

� Evaluate and justify strategies to prevent leadership dysfunction� Apply leadership perspectives, theories, approaches, and competencies to develop a personal leadership profile, evaluate strengths and areas of improvement, and develop strategies for leadership development


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Finally explore your own leadership profile using the perspectives, theories, and approaches covered. You also will evaluate your strengths, challenges, and limitations in the areas of self-management, cognitive adeptness, interpersonal adeptness, organizational acumen, and global leadership competency. Finally, you will explain how you plan to further develop yourself as an effective leader in your current profession or in a profession that is of interest to you.