Please, please follow instructions carefully
Assignment question is:
‘Do you believe that most managers use influencing for the good of the organisation or for their own benefit? What can be done to help managers be more ethical in influencing others?’
Word count: 3000 and you can go up to 3300 words.
Introduction and conclusion: only 200 words each.
The question has two parts:
The assignment has two parts and you should give equal weight to each partmeans 1400-1450 words each part.
You will need to define certain terms such as ‘managers’, ‘influencing’ and ‘ethical behaviour’. And you will need to think about the issues involved here. Use mandatory text book (Leadership: Theory, Application and Skill Development, Lussier, R.N. and Achua, C.F., South-Western Cengage Learning 6th ed. 2015)as a resource

At least 28 and you can use peer reviewed journal articles and books PLUS mandatory book mentioned above.

It is expected that you will provide a critical analysis of the issues involved in answering the questions in this assignment.

Please follow these instructions carefully