Please provide a detailed and thorough response for each of the bullet-pointed questions.

Ethical Theories and Concepts
� Identify the prescriptive approaches addressed in Chapter 2 of the text and explain each significance in detail.
� Explain how treating employees fairly, with dignity, and with respect benefits the organization.
� Identify common conflicts of interest.
� Describe techniques to avoid conflicts of interest.

Practical Application & Relevance
� Evaluate a conflict of interest policy for a sample organization.
� Describe the term �whistleblower.� What is the purpose of a whistleblower policy?

Ethical Leadership and Code of Ethics
� Describe the various psychological approaches from Chapter 3 of the text and explain each�s significance in detail.
� Describe Kohlberg�s theory of cognitive moral development.
� What are common ethical problems encountered by leaders in the workplace?
� Explain the difference between organizational ethics and individual ethics.
� Identify individual and organizational factors that influence ethical decision making and behavior.
� Describe the leader�s role in creating and sustaining ethical culture in organizations.

Policy and Program Development
� How is an ethics audit of an organization performed?
� Identify attributes of successful ethics awareness programs.
� Describe the difference between formal and informal ethical culture systems.
� Explain the importance of aligning formal and informal ethical culture systems.
� Describe how a leader can establish an ethical culture.
� Define social responsibility.
� Explain how to incorporate social responsibility into strategic planning.

Information Technology, Privacy and Data Security
� Explain ethical concerns associated with information technology.
� How do decision-making frameworks apply to ethical decisions in information technology systems.

Legal and Regulatory Requirements
� Identify common legal and ethical safeguards employed by business organizations.
� Describe the implications of non-compliance with legal mandates.
� Explain the regulations that apply to whistleblowers.