Assignment 2- Strengths Analysis & Leadership Profile: Mixed Methods Approach

Assignment 2
Assignment 2 – Strengths Analysis & Leadership Profile: Mixed Methods Approach – 30 points

This assignment is based on the mixed method approach to gather data about you as a leader: quantitative (surveys) and qualitative (interviews).

Part One (quantitative): Throughout this course you will develop your personal Leadership Profile and determine your strengths and areas to improve. Embedded within each chapter has been a series of questionnaires, surveys, and inventories that have helped you understand your current leadership qualities. In addition, you have received an individual report with each of these tools. This portion of the assignment provides an opportunity to reflect on what you have learned about yourself through both a retrospective and future lens. You will also link this learning to the literature on best practices in leadership through the use of ten scholarly publications either from the e-book links or other scholarly resources.

For this portion of the assignment, you must write in first person, especially with your survey results. Your task is to research and address the following areas:

1. Explain who you are as a leader and include at least one example of how you demonstrate your leadership style;