Advice the parties of their respective legal rights

NB. You MUST provide legal as well as academic authorities in support of your propositions
Case Study
Joanna Luther has been employed as a conductor by Corby Express Ltd, a local coach company, for the last ten years. She started off as an apprentice at the age of 16 and has after several years obtained the position of a senior conductor with Corby Express Ltd. Joanna is a hard worker and well respected by both her colleagues and customers.

Martin, Joanna’s husband is working as a nurse at the Royal Infirmary in Corby. Both Joanna and Martin have joined the Trojan Temple of God Congregation in Corby one month ago. The Trojan belief requires its devotees to wear a silver chain with the Trojan symbol around their neck as a sign of their faith.
a) Three days ago Joanna was told by her line manager Tom that a number of customers have complained about the “odd” symbol which she is wearing round her neck. Tom informed her that she had to get rid of her chain if she wants to keep her job. Joanna, who has always worn her chain discreetly over her uniform, is devastated about Tom’s reaction. (2000 words)
b) Last week after an emergency surgery Martin was approached by the chief physician of the Corby Royal Infirmary who informed him that wearing a chain during working hours was a potential health hazard and would therefore hinder him from properly performing him work. Tom is a strong believer in the Trojan faith and worried that he would lose his job if he was to continue wearing his chain. (2000 words)

Advise Joanna and Martin what actions if any they can take against their respective employer.

TASK: submit an academically and legally reference report in which you identify the parties and advise them of their legal obligations.
It requested to provide 6 references to each cases.

1. In the following case you are dealing with indirect discrimination:

Eweida v British Airways [2013].
2. Students are expected to answer the questions in the assignment and advise the employees.

If you decide to advise the respective employers you can gain bonus points!