Zoot Suit Riots

This will be a 5-7 page paper, double-spaced, in which you explore in more detail some aspect of the material we have been studying. Begin by reading the section in the Purdue OWL (MLA Guidelines in Webliography) on how to develop a topic and ask a critical question. This essay will be an analytic, argumentative essay in which you carefully define a limited topic area and explore a variety of sources about that topic. For instance, if you want to stick with one text, you might choose to look carefully at “The Pedestrian” formulate a critical question about it (i.e. what is this story’s place in the genre of distopian Los Angeles fiction?), seek out scholarly articles that discuss your topic, and come to your own conclusion about your question. Your paper would then offer your answer as its thesis and provide discussion about the selected passage from “The Pedestrian” as well as from your research sources to support your thesis idea.
I need a works cited page with at least 5 secondary sources.
I would like the essay to address something along the lines of racial and economical factors that affected the incident.