Homeland Security Strategic Plan

Department of Homeland Security Strategic Plan 2012-2016, https://www.hsdl.org/?view&did=700830 Pick one of the goals outlined in the strategic plan. Research the issues and programs surrounding the goal. Mission: 1 Preventing Terrorism And Enhancing Security Goal 1.1 Preventing Terrorism My Thesis Statement for the Argument paper is. Goal 1.1 Preventing Terrorist Attacks In The Department of Homeland Security Strategic Plan of 2012-2016, requires additional resources, collaborations and efforts to achieve the intended goals. Do you believe that we have substantially achieved the goal or not? Prepare an argument paper to explain and support your view. Present facts, research and expert opinion to support your position. Your paper should be approximately 2,400 words, USE AT LEAST 5 Academic Sources, and be formatted and cited in APA style. Please reference the materials provided.