Homeland Security Strategic Plan

Department of Homeland Security Strategic Plan 2012-2016, https://www.hsdl.org/?view&did=700830 Pick one of the goals outlined in the strategic plan. Research the issues and programs surrounding the goal. Mission: 1 Preventing Terrorism And Enhancing Security Goal 1.1 Preventing Terrorism My Thesis Statement for the Argument paper is. Goal 1.1 Preventing Terrorist Attacks In The Department of Homeland Security Strategic Plan of 2012-2016, requires additional resources, collaborations and efforts to achieve the intended goals. Do you believe that we have substantially achieved the goal or not? Prepare an argument paper to explain and support your view. Present facts, research and expert opinion to support your position. Your paper should be approximately 2,400 words, USE AT LEAST 5 Academic Sources, and be formatted and cited in APA style. Please reference the materials provided.


Guidelines and Evaluation Criteria

Please note that the criteria for this analysis are different from the first analysis, so please read the guidelines carefully.
1. Pick an episode of the Simpsons (please list the name of the episode). It does not need to be one that is on the schedule and should not be one of the episodes from the current season that we have discussed. You should pick one that is addressing an issue of importance to your own study and area of interest.
2. Provide a well-crafted analysis of the episode. Ideally this should include a very brief synopsis of the story line, or subplot, under consideration and a more detailed exploration of an issue or topic that is inspired by the episode. Do Not provide a play by play accounting of the episode.
For this assignment, the focus should be on constructing an argument (thesis) and supporting that position. This is key – you need to have a position or argument. Provide a strong introduction, and a brief synopsis, then using the episode as a platform to expand your ideas. Develop a position and support your position with reference to the episode, our class readings, or other references. Using references and proper citation is a required part of this assignment.
3. As with all work in this course, there is a great deal of flexibility, however, the paper is expected to be presented as a well thought out academic work. It should be prepared using APA or MLA guidelines for citing and reference.
4. The analysis is expected to be short, in the range of 300-500 words (1 1/2 to 3 pages).
5. List your name on the paper and submit your analysis here in doc,docx format.
Evaluation Criteria
______ Presentation and summary (40 pts)
Concise and accurate analysis
Identification of presentation methods and their effectiveness
Argument is persuasive and related
Ideas are developed logically
Conclusion is effective
______ Organization (30 pts)
Introduction engages and provides orientation
Paragraphs transitions are clear and logical
Discussion well structured
Development of thesis or idea
______ Style and grammar (20 pts)
Well structured and interesting
Usage and choice of words/terms
Spelling punctuation
______ Documentation (10 pts)
Correct citation of source (at a minimum this would include citing the episode)
Use of secondary sources to support concepts
Integration of citations into work

Family of Origin

Purpose of this assignment: This assignment has become a �classic� assignment in the USC School of Social Work program. In order for you to help your clients and their familial patterns, you need to have done this work on a personal level as well. By understanding your family and who you are within this family context you are able to identify counter-transference reactions with your clients which is an ethical responsibility of social work practice. Many social workers believe, �you cannot bring a client further than you have brought yourself�. By exploring and reflecting on our own experiences, including factors of resilience and risk, this assignment will highlight ways in which we can be more empathetic towards ourselves and others.
General instructions: This assignment requires you to apply the concepts and theories discussed in Social Work class to your family of origin. In order to complete this assignment you will need to conduct at least two interviews of family members. You may interview parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles, or cousins. Please discuss confidentiality with your interviewees, get permission to use the interview material, and offer to change names if they so desire.
Instructions for paper:
Section one: (One page) Produce a detailed *Genogram of your family of origin covering at least three generations.
two: (3-4 pages) Please choose 3-4 items from the list below and conduct a systemic analysis of your family of origin from a structural and systems perspective.

1. Boundaries
2. Hierarchies, power
3. Subsystems
4. Alliances (coalitions, camps)
5. Rules (implicit and explicit)
6. Attachment styles
7. Family myths
8. Significant losses
9. Communication styles and patterns
10. Resources
11. Intergenerational patterns
You must give specific behavioral examples to back up your analysis. For example, it is not sufficient to state that there were strong intergenerational boundaries, rather, you should discuss the specific behaviors that demonstrated that those boundaries existed.

Section three: (2-4 pages) Select an underlying theme that may characterize your family which has influenced your empathy towards others. You may or may not have discussed it in section 2. For example, you may not have discussed immigration or poverty in section 2 but would like to make this your theme in this section. Research this theme and discuss how it impacts families in general and specifically impacted your family. You may create your own theme or select from the following list:

1. The effects of alcoholism or addiction on the family
2. Gay and lesbian families
3. Blended family issues
4. Single-parent family
5. The effects of violence or abuse
6. Poverty and the family
7. Family secrets
8. Legacies of loss
9. The role of ritual in the family
10. Birth order
11. Cultural themes
12. The effects of mental or physical illness on the family
13. Gender roles within the family
14. Family stories and the construction of meaning
15. Models of marriage
16. Enmeshment and disengagement
17. Emotional milieu within the family

In completing this section you will need to cite at least three scholarly articles and/or books that address the theme you are discussing. You will also need to give specific behavioral examples to illustrate your theme as it plays out in your family of origin.
Papers should be double spaced, APA 6th Edition, 12 point Times New Roman Font, 1� margins. Papers may be written in the 1st person and must include a minimal of 6 scholarly works (at least 3 in Section 3).

Child Welfare and Family

2005, the American Academy of Pediatrics reported that 61% of American children between the ages of 4 months and 3 years have spent time in non-parental daycare. In this Seminar, we discuss the pros and cons of putting very young children in the care of adults other than their parents.

Complete the Option 2 written assignment that follows. Your responses to the questions below should be composed in complete sentences and paragraphs and be 200–300 words in length.

Come to Seminar prepared to discuss:

1. What do you think are the different kinds of child care settings available to infants and very young children?

2. Which of these do you think is the most beneficial for the parents and the children? Why?
3. Did you go to preschool or day care when you were younger? Why or why not? How did/or could you have benefitted from such an experience?
4.What are some drawbacks to young children being in child care before attending school?

Family Origin 1. Describe your family rules, traditions, and communication patterns. Discuss the roles and patterns you observed in your family.

Family Origin
1. Describe your family rules, traditions, and communication patterns. Discuss the roles and patterns you observed in your family.
2. Describe your (childhood) and your home and significant events at that time of child hood.
3. Discuss your parents and what they taught you about: money, possessions, crisis, fun, sex roles, family meals, your appearance, education, work, values, communication patterns, and parenting styles.
4. Go back in time to your childhood, what messages did you received from your family members? What was said about your abilities? your morals? Your health? your future? Is your current self- appraisal related in any way to your parent’s opinion of you?
Write in a sentence what you think each of your parent thought of you.
5. What have you learned from your family of origin that you are willing to carry on into your family?
What have you learned from your family of origin that no longer serves you? If it is applicable, describe your personal recovery plan in relationship to your family of origin.


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What are the differences between hydroponic farming and other types of farming? Type of document:

What are the differences between hydroponic farming and other types of farming? Could hydroponic farming be used effectively on a large scale? Compare and contrast with typical farming and biodynamic farming

Must use library databases. You may also use the Internet.

For the paper, you will use a minimum of seven sources, at least four of which are found through library databases. Your sources should be of some length, so that each one contains useful information; try to avoid sources that are less than a couple of pages in length. The quality of your sources will affect your grade on the project.


document  the  sources using the MLA documentation format, and your paper will include a Works Cited page.

A key part of this assignment involves being able to use your sources correctly, including quoting, paraphrasing, and citing
The final paper should be 1750 to 1950 words in length, typed and double-spaced. (The Works Cited page does not count towards the length requirement.) The paper can be a little longer than 1950 words, if necessary, by the time it is turned in.

Must use at least seven sources in your paper to class.

Turn in the following about these seven sources: For each source, list the author , the title of the article, the title of the magazine or journal or other source that it appears in, the date, and the number of pages. For each source, write 3-5 sentences describing what the source covers (in general), and how it might be useful to your paper. Must include web addresses if information is taken from the internet



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