IRAQ – History of the Modern Middle East 1453-present

essay that considers how Iraq’s unique historical developments have shaped its present condition. Specifically, your paper will answer the following question:

What two or three factors in Iraq’s struggle for full independence have most directly affected its current situation?

NOTE: This is persuasive essay in which you have a clear argument that you are making and defending. In other words, there is no one answer to this question. You will need to decide what factors you think are most important, state them clearly in your thesis statement, then provide evidence to support your claims.

Helpful Hints:
1) Write an outline of your paper. Make sure that you have an introductory paragraph, a clear thesis, evidence supporting your thesis, and a conclusion that summarizes your thesis.
2) State your thesis up front (no later than the bottom of the first page). You don�t have space for a lengthy introduction and background. You need to get to the point quickly.
3) Be sure you have an arguable thesis. It should read something like: �The current situation in [country] can be attributed in large part to [a], [b], and [c].
4) Be sure to include a title, ideally one that reflects your thesis argument.
5) Be sure to proofread your work.
6) Don�t wait until the last minute�great ideas develop over time.
7) I am interested in your ideas, not those of other people.

Grading Criteria:
A � Original, well-argued thesis; clear organization; strong analysis; no grammar/spelling mistakes
B � Thesis clear, but not well argued; some analysis; some grammar/spelling mistakes
C � Unclear thesis and/or organization; little or no analysis; grammar/spelling mistakes
D � No thesis or organization; no analysis; grammar/spelling mistakes; poorly written; does not meet minimum page requirement; lacks adequate number of scholarly sources
F � Does not fulfill assignment

Format: Times New Roman 12 font, one-inch margins all around, no cover page
Citations: MLA in-text citation style; include a properly formatted Works Cited page
Sources: At least three written sources from those listed above