Wright’s Hospital


how will supply chain management and regulatory compliance and policy based from our mission and vision impact how we will do business

Our mission- We will do what we can to help women reach a state of complete physical and mental well-being within our available resources.

Description of specific operational changes needed to carry out your mission and realize your vision in the healthcare marketplace of the future.

Our vision- We will provide preventative medicine, complementary care, and obstetrics and gynecological surgery services to create healthier women to better the Greater New Orleans area.

Conclusions of Trends Dr. Zimmerman wants us to work toward:
�National economies will continue to be interlocked and limiting the range of choices that Louisiana and the US will have in addressing major internal issues.
�The national debt will place greater burden on healthcare organizations to control costs.
�The aging and poor health of the population will create greater demand for healthcare services � especially for chronic diseases.
�An aging population will place greater burden on healthcare organizations precisely when they are being pressured to spend less.
�An increasingly diverse population will require new approaches to organizational culture.
�Technology will continue to create a variety of innovations � including major disruptions � that will create new customer markets.
Must look at trends specific for what we are doing for our hospital
Focus trends for women for our report
Who are the new people in population?
What is the birth rate?
Asian growth? Cultural Values toward Family Structure
New opportunities?