treatment plan

For the Treatment Plan II, complete the following steps:

1) Review the handout in this folder to familiarize yourself with the general format of DAP notes.

2) Open Treatment Plan II and save a copy to your computer so that you will have a working document. Remember, you may need to “enable editing” to save a copy of this file.

3) Read through the DAP Note for Treatment Plan II.

4) In the assessment portion of the DAP Note, write a narrative that includes your understanding of the concern or problem, making sure to tie this to a behavioral and/or cognitive-behavioral theoretical stance.

5) Develop a treatment plan that fits with the theoretical orientation identified at the top of the DAP note (behavioral and/or cognitive-behavioral for Treatment Plan II) and that addresses the concerns in the scenario. Include early-phase, middle-phase, and late-phase goals. Refer to the vignettes in your Gehart and Tuttle textbook to get ideas. Remember, though, that specific components of the treatment plan must address the concerns in the scenario and must be tied to the specified theoretical orientation.