Topic: case study

You are the director of health information services in a major medical center that maintains both a psychiatric unit and a substance abuse unit in addition to general medical and surgical units. Your facility plans to join a computer network with fifteen hospitals throughout the state, which will allow online access to laboratory data, regardless of which facility performed the lab work. None of the other fifteen facilities offer psychiatric or substance abuse treatment. Identify and discuss the confidentiality issues present with such a network in the light of the statutory, regulatory and accrediting requirement governing patients treated in these units.

You will in narrative format address the issue(s) from the case study and provide any citations needed to support your responses. This should be in APA format and the length will be determinant of how many questions are posed in the case study. Most of the case studies will trigger two to three pages of narratives

This is the book we are using for the class. Legal and Ethical Aspects of Health Information Management. Third edition, by DANA.C. Mc Way.

Check chapter 11 for the answer.And you should discuss.