Roe v Wade

Your final paper will discuss the multitude of legal viewpoints, ethical issues, and issues of interprofessionalism related to your topic. You will be required to discuss how values, ethics, and sense of interprofessionalism may shape how the topic is interpreted, analyzed, and communicated in legal and ethical terms. 
Use proper APA format, Times New Roman, 12-point font, with 1-inch margins, should be 6–8 typewritten pages, and should use at least five peer-reviewed sources.
Including a cover page, an abstract, and proper citations to authority. All of your sources should be included in this rough draft. Because this is one of the first courses in this program, this is one extra step given to help you learn to research and write well. This rough draft will give you the chance to learn if you need more research to support your assertions, if your writing needs to be more heavily edited for errors, or if your format needs to be cleaned up in order to present a professional document.