Rheumatoid Arthritis

Topic is Rheumatoid Arthritis
1. Create a newsletter that could be used in a local primary care office.
a. A short definition of the disease including risk factors, incidence, and prevalence data.
b. Current treatments available including pharmacologic, therapeutic, and complementary/alternative treatments.
c. List at least 2 support groups including 1 online support group and 1 traditional community support (face-to-face) group. Include the support groups’ contact information.
d. List at least 3 patient resource websites. Select websites that provide valid and accurate information for patients. Include the sites’ contact information/URL.
e. List at least 2 organizations that support prevention, treatment, education and/or research. Include the organizations’ contact information.
f. Include a QR (quick response) code that is linked to a patient resource, support group or organization.
g. All resources must be cited and current (include any journal articles or texts used as references for content; this information can be listed on the last page of the newsletter). Website addresses must be valid. Do not use in-text citation.Use quotations instead.

2. You will need to include the following in the format of your newsletter:
a. Newsletter title
b. Newsletter issue/ date
c. Newsletter creator
d. For newsletter use columns, at least two.
e. Insert graphics.
f. Change the font color, size, and style as appropriate to make the newsletter visually appealing.
g. For newsletters use text boxes to ease formatting.
h. Length: newsletters should be 4 pages (2 double sided)

3. Remember the newsletter should be written for a ~8th grade reading level so the general population can understand and interpret it. The content should be current, thorough, visually balanced and clear. It should look like a professional newsletter in layout, content, and style.

4. To create a QR code, use anything you find in the App store (most are free such as QR Creator and QR Reader and are easy to use). You can also try www.qrstuff.com or qr-code-generator.com on the web. Remember, the QR code should link your reader to one of the newsletter’s resources or websites