Renovation of Radiological Services from Conventional X-Ray to Digital System in Aseer Central Hospital in Saudi Arabia

The Coursework Essay description:

Select an area of service or practice and formulate a plan that outlines a development or improvement to that area. The development and/or improvement may be one of the following
• An additional practice or intervention, which makes a difference to service delivery
• A continued professional development activity
• A service improvement or extension
The coursework word count should not exceed 2500 words. Tables, figures, schematics and/or appendices do not count in the word count. The coursework should begin with an “Executive Summary” not exceeding 500 words and main report (2000 words).
.The purpose of the “Executive Summary” is to outline the key points of the project, summarising the content of the report in a succinct and clear fashion. There is an explanation of the executive summary within the narrated presentation on assessment. You should access examples of executive summaries in government and professional papers to help with this. NB An executive summary is NOT an abstract.

The main body of the assignment should not exceed 2000 words.

Your answer should include the following:
• A succinct description of the existing service, identifying the issue or problem and the reasons you have chosen to address it
• An outline of, and justification for, the proposed service development with reference to:
o Relevant legislation
o Appropriate supporting literature
• A brief estimate of the financial impact on the service, justifying the anticipated costs and savings (this should be included in a brief table).
• Appropriate governance / quality issues e.g. audit, risk, management, staff skills, as relevant to your chosen context
• Appropriate presentation and writing style for your plan.
The coursework topic:

Renovation of Radiological Services from Conventional X-Ray to Digital System in Aseer Central Hospital in Saudi Arabia

Number of Staff in the Aseer hospital: There are currently 16 radiographers and 4 radiologists

The coursework requires:

1- There is in attachment an example file ( 4000 words), which has the same idea and same requirements. Thus, could you flowing the same headings and graphs and appendix please?

2- Please start the work with Executive Summary ( 500 words).

3- Could you please paraphrase the topic? ( because it’s the same topic in the example which is submitted through the Turintin, please make sure for the hospital and meaning still the same things.