BE908: Biomedical Instrumentation
Assignment 2: Radiotherapy
This assignment has two purposes:
1. To provide a brief, self-learning opportunity investigating modern Radiotherapy through the
internet and/or other sources.
2. To familiarise you with some of the basic terminology of radiotherapy before the radiotherapy
Make a short investigation of the purpose and techniques of radiotherapy using library and/or Internet
resources. You could start with some of the better patient information websites such as.
Many medical instrumentation companies have websites that describe radiotherapy equipment. For
example, the way that radiotherapy is implemented in a commercial system can be viewed
In a short report of no more than two typed A4 pages (12 point font size) including 5-10 references
and, if the case, diagrams, describe the purpose and basic principles of modern radiotherapy. Include
some brief information on planning, delivery and verification of radiotherapy today.
Please upload your assignment to MyPlace by 23:55 on Monday 23 November. Marks will be released
by Monday 14 December.
Make sure that your submitted work is your own individual effort, and that it does not include text
directly cut from external sources. This exercise will count for 10% of your final class