Jason 19 years old, is an engineering student in the first year of his university course and has moved out of home into a shared house.
He has a family history of psoriasis and he unhappily followed his mothers example and developed psoriasis in his late teens. The skin inflammation is evident in his scalp elbows and knees usually doesn’t cause too much inconvenience, but it can flare up and spread at an alarming rate without any warning. This has been happening every couple of months, but seems to occurring more often in recent times. the lesions are pink, inflamed with fine flaky scales and he can’t help itching them. The itching can make the lesions bleed and heal very slowly.
Lately he has noticed something different : aching and pain in the spine, neck and shoulders which worries him because his mother had psoriatic arthritis.
Jason passes a bowel motion every second day and his housemate complain of a putrid malingering smell in the bathroom after these visits. The lounge room regularly has to be evacuated due to the awful smell of his ever present flatulence. In a boyish way he is pleased with this, but knows it cannot be healthy thing.
Jason dosent drink alcohol or smoke.
Typical daily diet
Breakfast- Bacon and eggs with white toast . Orange juice
Morning tea- Coffee scroll with margarine. V energy drink
Lunch- Italian meatball sandwich in white bread with margarine
Afternoon tea- Sausage roll with sauce
Dinner- Chicken parma with chips and veg. Raspberry cordial
Answer the following questions making sure that u are within word limits. support your answers with evidence from the literature and cite all your sources using APA referencing style.
1- Analyse the case . Include the major aspects of Jason’s condition and its causes, his current diet and his lifestyle choices. (200 words)
2- Draw up a list of your treatment objectives (100 words)
3- Select 5 nutrients/ foods that u would include in your prescription. Explain the rational behind each of your choices (250 words)
4- foods/ nutrients would u remove or limit in jasons diet. Explain the rational behind your choices (150 words)
5- Plan a menu for one day taking into account your treatment protocol. you do not need to include weights or volume measures, it is sufficient to use portions (100 words) main referring hecchtman, L. clinical natutopathic medicine 2012. and pubmed. some Australian referencing