Proton pump inhibitors

Topic: Proton pump inhibitors

Proton pump inhibitors
The assignments must be
• Create a news report
• Create a captivating heading . You may use images to create a captivating title of your Pharmacology news.
• Provide an in-depth discussion on various aspects
1 – clinical uses of the drug or drug class,
2– associated risks and benefits
3– specific areas of concern
4– clinical studies where applicable
5 – events or attributes leading to controversy or new therapy.
6– Changes to registration, availability, or recommendations that may have subsequently occurred, if applicable.
• Reflect on the importance of ongoing clinical trials and post-marketing surveillance with registered drugs.
-Written assignment Double sided
– TWO A4 PAGES plus references
– References to include Initial Reference Search (25 minimum credible resources ) References Cited in Report
-Vancouver style referencing
– Word count 1000 (excluding references) you must Include word count in the report
The topic must be have an excellent
2– Spelling and grammar
3 – Introduction (background)
4– Body (scientific merits)
5– Conclusion
6- Literature research and use of references
7– Vancouver style referencing WITHOUT PLAGIARISM
I will upload some assignments for example to know the structure which I need