Poster in Stroke


Assessment Task: Poster
This assessment requires students to produce an electronic poster, suitable for display at a conference. The poster shall address the following scenario. This assessment aims to develop the student’s knowledge in searching for relevant information through literature review and identify the diagnostic accuracy of imaging modalities for diagnosis of particular selected pathology, with a focus on the diagnostic value/accuracy.

The poster should include:
• Brief aetiology, pathogenesis & prognosis
• Patient presentation & clinical features
• Relevant imaging techniques/protocols, image appearances & diagnostic value
• Contribution to management and treatment of the disease
Poster structure in details:
 Brief aetiology, pathogenesis & prognosis:

 Cerebral infarction (most common)

Atherosclerosis – causing occlusion of blood flow
(Blood vessels?)

 Pathogenesis:
• Can be caused by a thromdes or emboli
Patient in at high risk hypertension

• Patient with critical stenosis increased risk of stroke
Would benefit from endarterectomy surgery

 Prognosis:
• Depends on the extent of the stroke
• May or may not die (References)
• Size + location of infarction determines seventy
 Patient presentation & clinical features:

1) Patient age 51 years old
2) History of hypertension
3) Smoking

4) Sudden onset of difficulty difficulty speaking
5) Weakness of left hand (Vascular territory?)
6) Drooling from the left side of his mouth