poster healthcare system

Poster presentation: Develop a scientific poster which compares UAE’s health system with that of one of the following nations:
Group A – UAE Vs. United Kingdom
Group B – UAE Vs. Singapore
Group C – UAE Vs. Australia
Group D – UAE Vs. Maldives
Group E – UAE Vs. USA
Group F – UAE Vs. Saudi Arabia
The core aspects of the poster should compare the building blocks and relationships to attainment of at least 2 overall health system goals, particularly between 2009 and 2013.

O1. Analyze social, cultural, political, and economic contexts within which health systems arise and operate
O2. Discuss health systems building blocks with emphases on inputs and performance
O3. Distinguish different types of health services delivery and governance
O4. Analyze different health finance and insurance schemes
O5. Critically analyze the health resources in terms of workforce, and technology
O6. Compare selected health systems in terms of finance, services delivery, and resources.

Recommended readings:
poster presentation topics discussed during the course, such as Dr. Souma’s session on creating scientific

The scientific poster should comprise the following sections:
• Title
• Authors
• Abstract
• Introduction
• Results
• Conclusions
• References.
The factual content and scientific merit of the poster will be assessed out of 30 marks. The design quality, presentation and quality of responses to questions from peers will be assessed out of 10 marks.
This link will help for health systems comparison:
In addition to your poster, you are required to write a letter to the Editor of the International Journal for Excellence in Healthcare Management summarizing your study in 400 words or less, with maximum of one Figure or Table from your poster.