obesity in children program budget

• Which method of financial analysis is most appropriate for your obesity in children program? Provide your rationale.
• What are the financial implications of not addressing obesity in children?
• What are the differences between the long-term and the short-term implications of not addressing obesity in children?
• How does your selected financial analysis strategy relate to the quality of program outcomes?

• Develop a simple revenue and expense budget for 6 months from start-up and develop a break-even analysis.
• Articulate a justification for the revenue and expenses indicating where the funds are coming from to support the project and what resources the expenses are related to.
• Explain any variance from the budget that is not budget neutral.

Financial Analysis
• Articulate whether the monies put into the program will result in positive health outcomes for the population (resulting from your application of the use of cost-effectiveness, cost-utility, or cost-benefit to the program design process).

* Include tables or graphs in your paper to illustrate budget information.