Natural Eating

from the sources that you had done on Annotated Bibliography, which is you have summarized, use it to make the research paper, I will upload the Annotated Bibliography paper that you had done. This paper should be original cause I’m going to turn it in on

Research paper guidelines:

This paper has the same guidelines as the other ones. It must be at least 650 words.

You are not allowed to use first and second person; the paper must strictly be in third person.

It is an argument paper, so you must argue your topic.

Use 2-3 sources and add them to the works cited.

All MLA requirements will be enforced; punctuation, organization, and overall content will be graded heavily, so edit, edit, edit for comma splices, run-ons, incorrect apostrophe usage, comma usage in general, contractions, choppy sentences, short sentences, awkward sentences and phrases, incorrect in-text citations, no works cited, incorrect paper set-up (Topic and conclusion sentences? Is there a thesis? Transitions? Double-space? Too much space in between paragraphs?) The guidelines are not limited to these. Are the paragraphs AT LEAST 7 sentences?

Refer to the research checklist. The paragraph requirement on the handout is incorrect. It should be at least 7 sentences. Claiming that the checklist states 5 sentences as an excuse will not work since you just read that it is incorrect, and you have heard me say it must be minimum 7.

A paper that aims for the minimum is a sloppy paper.